What is Science Music?

Science music is music that teaches science concepts. The lyrics relate to science concepts, and the focus of the song is to help learn and remember topics, vocabulary and elements of science related to this concept.

Why should I use science music?

If you teach science, you already know that engagement is the key to learning. If your students are truly engaged, they are genuinely interested in learning and retaining the content. Music is an important key to that engagement. Your students are "technology natives," spending their free time glued to their iPhones or other personal technology, listening to music and playing games. If Professor Boggs is a part of this content, they WILL remember these science concepts. Music engages the brain in ways that lecture, written content, and other mechanisms can't touch. If you want a part of your students' brain, use music to gain access to that territory!

Why Professor Boggs?

Since 2007, I've been developing music that is designed to engage students. These songs are classroom-tested, and they have the characteristics that WORK for student engagement: catchy tunes, metaphors, humor, chorus repetition, and solid science. Every song is tied to national science standards and relates to concepts that students MUST know.

How do I use this in my classroom?

Use a song as a "bell ringer" to get students in their seats. When they ask, play it again. Hand out the lyrics (available on the CD). Have them analyze the lyrics, highlighting important vocabulary words. Play it again as a "reward" at the end of class. Students must hear the song at least THREE TIMES to get the full impact. You will find them singing the songs, asking for downloads, requesting the lyrics. Post the songs for student downloads, publish the lyrics to your classroom, integrate these songs in your lessons in ANY MANNER that works for your instruction. Have the students make videos, make a dance, create a skit...anything that gets them further engaged!

What's special about these CDs?

Each of the Professor Boggs CDs is "enhanced" with data content. The CD will play as a normal music CD, but if you put it in a PC or Mac, you'll also see data content: lyrics, handouts, lesson plans, karaoke (sing-along) versions of the songs -- in short, each CD is a complete classroom teaching resource, not just a music CD! The ready-to-print handouts will let the students follow along with each song, while leaving room for notes as students analyze the lyrics and interpret the meanings. These CDs are organized for learning.